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A Spine Endoscopy Clinic India

About Me and My Clinic

About Me and My Clinic
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My Clinic and My Practice



                Shri Shivaa Ortho Clinic


                Complete Spine Speciality Clinic

                    15,Sharada College Main Road,

                    Kolamman Steel Building,

                    Near Alagapuram Bus Stop,

                    Salem  - 636016










Dr.P.Sivasabapathi   has obtained  the orthopaedic degrees

D.Ortho  and  M.S.Ortho in 1993 and 1997 respectively.

 He was trained in India by Prof K.Sriram of Chennai in Spina deformities,scoliosis,Paediatric ortho and spinal problems.

Prof  Lee of seoul ,Prof C.T.Tan of Singapore ,

Prof Otta of Japan   has fine tuned his skill in spinal surgeries.



The various training programes , fellowships, and the international membership status of his career  as follows



  1. Spine orthopaedic observership- Singapore General HospitaL. Singapore –2002
  2. Minimally Invasive spine surgery Fellowship  Spinal Hospital,Seoul Korea-2003- 2004  One year
  3. Spine Fellowship  - Spinal Cord Injury Centre – Japan One  month –2004
  4. Selected for fellowship with Prof Yeung of U.S.A  who designed the Endoscopy
  5. He has obtained the Fellowship in American Board of Minimally Invasive Spine surgery in 2004
  6. The prestigious North American Spine Society has given him the Corresponding Membership Status for his involvement  in the spine surgery. He was the only second Indian to get this status.
  7. Member of the international spine society of minimally invasive spine surgery



Our spine care clinic offers the most recent and advanced surgical

procedures  like


  1. Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy under Local Anaesthesia for slipped Disc
  2. Percutaneous Vertebroplasty under local Anaesthesia for Osteoporotic Compression Fracture
  3. Deformity Correction for scoliosis
  4. Correction of  Congenital spinal deformities(bent spine from birth)
  5. Endoscopic debridement for T.B.spine and pyogenic discities
  6. Lumbar Discectomy with a small incision.
  7. All types of spinal traumas including the cervical spine
  8. All modalities of treatment for  osteoporosis
  9. Non invasive treatment of back pain and neuralgia
  10. Above all the laser abalation of lumbar disc under local anaesthesia



   Many of the above procedures are first time in India and is not being practiced even  in the  advanced cities like Bombay,Chennai.and coimbatore .Concept of .Keyhole spinal  surgeries under local anaesthesia  are gaining momentum all over the World and we are happy to say that in India it is being started in  Salem


Disc Prolapse


A soft flexible disc that acts as a shock absorbers are placed  in between the vertebral bone These discs have a rigid outside rim, but are soft and gel-like inside. "Activity, stress or a mechanical problem in the spine can cause one of the discs to bulge and become misshapen just as a rubber tire might with pressure on it. Disc will bulge to the point where it herniates or ruptures and puts even greater pressure on the nerve root.  In the lower back, the nerve roots lead to the legs and irritation may cause not only back pain, but also pain that radiates down one or both of the legs. There also can be muscle weakness, numbness or changes in the reflexes in the legs if a nerve root in the lumbar spine is irritated.


Conservative  treatment

There are several conservative treatment options that may relieve the symptoms associated with a herniated disc. These include: alternate bed rest with ambulation and medications to reduce inflammation and pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are often used for this purpose. Physiotherapy  includes exercise, massage, thermotherapy, as well as a device designed to support the back - a corset, back belt, or brace


Traditional Surgery

When no improvement is noted after a course of conservative treatment, surgery might be considered The most common procedure is a open discectomy which is done with,


General  Anaesthesia

2.5-10cm incision

Muscle dissection

Bone removal(partial laminotomy)

Retraction of nerve root and

Retraction of dural sac may sometimes  damage it

Lengthy hospital stay 5 to 12 days


Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy under local anaesthesia


This is  a unique surgery in which the prolapsed discs are removed under local   anaesthesia and the patients are keep talking during the procedure and allowed walking on the same day and discharged on the next day.


                  1        Fully Under Local Anaesthesia

2        Stitchless  surgery

3        No retraction of nerve root or dural sac

4        24 hour Hospital Stay

5        Cost effective

6        Less Morbidity

7        No bony or soft tissue dissection

8        Early mobilization

                  9)   Walk in Walkout procedure



Osteoporotic Compression Fracture


Gone are the days, months of bed rest and the bulky  corsets and spinal braces for the vertebral compression fractures. We offer the latest technology in which under local anaesthesia special needles are passed in to the fractured vertebral bone under local anaesthesia .The bone cement is injected as in semiliquid form in the fractured vertbra .The cement hardened in few minutes so that patients are able to get up and walk immediately after the procedure.




Percutaneous Vertebroplasty Under Local Anaesthesia


      New treatment for  Osteoporotic Spinal Fractures

      Walk  out on the same day of the procedure

      Fully under local Anaesthesia

      24 hour Hospital Stay

      No scar



In addition we have the standard protocol  of medical  treatment for the osteoporosis.


Systematic approach to the problems ,updatingt of spine knowledge from all over world,above all human touch with sympathy is our moto in treating spinal problems.





What a job!

This is the  24 floor hospital exclusively for the spine surgery where I did my spine surgery fellowship.Possibily the biggest   center  in the world exclusively for the spine surgery.The car parking alone for this hospital is 17 floor .