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  DATE OF BIRTH : 06.07.1968 






Shri Shivaa Ortho Clinic

15, Saradha College Road,

Kolaman Steel Building,

Near Alagapuram Bus Stop,

Salem – 636004.Tamilnadu.India

Ph :91-427-2333959 Mobile : (91)-(0)98427 – 46542







Web site



MARITAL STATUS             : Married 




M.B.B,S, M.S Ortho, F.R.C.S.(U.S), D. Ortho,

F.A.B.M.I.S.S., (American Board),

F.M.I.S.S. (Seoul, Korea),

Fellowship- Sogo – Sekison Centre, Japan,

Fellowship – Singapore General Hospital, Singapore,

Fellowship—Spine Hospital Seoul,South Korea


M.B.B.S AUG 1985 – 1991




                       COIMBATORE   MEDICAL  COLLEGE 

                        TAMIL NADU, INDIA



                                 COIMBATORE   641014                                           

                                 TAMIL NADU






                                                              BELLARY DISTRICT



UNIVERSITY                                     :GULBARGA UNIVERSITY





                                       BELLARY MEDICAL COLLEGE

                                       BELLARY, KARNATAKA






I was doing private practice in Coimbatore city.


1994 JAN-FEB


I worked under Dr. David Rajan in Kovai Medical Center Hospital Coimbatore who is a leading arthroscopic surgeon in India.





                            : SAWAI MANSINGH MEDICAL COLLEGE ( S.M.S)

                                    S.M.S HOSPITAL 


                                    RAJASTHAN, INDIA







.                                                      .



FRCS, ABMISS  (American Board of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery-2003-2004


HOSPITAL------------ Spine Hospital Seoul, South Korea

BOARD- --------------American Board of Minimally Invasive SpineSurgery.


    I have passed the fellowship exam of FRCS,ABMISS conducted by the American Board of Minimally Invasive spine surgery in Nov 2003.And I have become member of the American Board of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.




I was working as an associate of Dr. K. Sriram M.S, M.S. (ortho), F.R.C.S. (Canada) Head  of the orthopaedic department of  Madras Medical College, Chennai who is a leading spinal and paediatric orthopaedic surgeon in India.  I had working experience on Scoliosis of various aetiology including the congenital and  double major types. , correction of spinal deformities and surgeries for low back pain. I have working experience in using various implants for scoliosis starting from Harrington  to luque  rod to Hartshell rectangle to pedicle screws and moss Miami segmental stabilization. In paediatric orthopaedics I got the exposure on surgeries for congenital club foot, congenital dislocation of hip and surgeries on cerebral palsy.


1999-Nov - 2003 March


I started my own consultation in the steel city of Salem in 1999.  I am a consultant in few hospitals and my own clinic was started in 2000 Feb.


I joined in Vinayaka Medical College of Vinayaka Missions Deemed University  as Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics in 1999 Nov.  I am involved in undergraduate (M.B.B.S., B.D.S, B.H.M.S, D.P.T, B.P.T) teachings like theory classes, bedside clinics, practical classes and other academic activities apart from the surgerical work.


I was actively involved in undergraduate teaching programs during my D.ortho and M.S. Ortho course.


I have attended many C.O.E programs, symposiums and hands on workshops.


Singapore General Hospital, Singapore  (June2002-July2002)


                                 I was in Singapore General Hospital from June 27th for two months training in  spine surgeries and joint replacement surgeries. I had the  opportunity to work with Prof C.T.Tan well known spine surgeon in Singapore who does mainly scoliosis surgery apart from other spine surgeries.


  Seoul,South Korea.  March 2003  to March 2004      


I underwent   one year  Spine clinical fellowship in the Spine Hospital under DR.Sangho Lee in the Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery .It is recognized center for the training in the minimally invasive spine surgeries by the American Board of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery having 21 units . I am undergoing the most intensive training as the number of spine surgeries  per day operated in wooridul spine hospital is average 50 cases including the endoscopic surgeries.The microlumbar laser discectomy using the 2.5 cm incision with ablation of disc by 30 watts carbon di oxide laser is being done approximately 20 cases per day.

Anterior lumbar interbody fusion through retroperitoneal approach using syncage, osteopek cages

Total disc replacement with prodisc and S.B.Charitie are also being operated here.

P.D.N. surgeries(replacement of nucleus pulposus) are done here as a part of multicenter trial.

All kind of cervical spine surgeries like ACDF anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with cage and allograft,ACF-anterior corpecccctomy and fusion using the fibular allograft and plating,C1-C2 transarticular screws,anterior and posterior foraminotomies,and various posterior fusions are being done regularly.

All kinds of Endoscopic Discectomies lke PELD (postreolateral percutaneous endoscopic lumbar laser discectomy)using 6mm incision,PLLD (posterolateral lumbar laser disc decompression) using 4mm incision and PECD (percutaneous endoscopic cervical laser discectomy) with 4 mm incision under local anaesthesia..

The rare surgeries like Endoscopic foraminotomy and facetectomies are also being practiced here.


Spinal Cord Injuries Centre,Iizuka,Fukuoka, Japan.

(Feb16 – 29,2004)

I had the opportunity to learn the various rehabilation programmes for the paraplegic and quadriplegic  patiens apart from the spine trauma surgeries.state of art technologies like Helicopter transport for the spine injured patients,chin  driven wheel chairs for the quadriplegic,and computer training for quadriplegic with mouth sticks were being routinely practiced here.  This center is unique for the rehabilitaion as the paraplegic were trained   to  such an extend that they play the wheel chair tennis and the quadriparetic to drive the car.The famous Lumbar Degenerative Kyphosis (LDK) classifiction type1,type2 and type3 by Prof.Takemitsu  was prepared from this hospital and he is still a visiting professor of this hospital.T saw open door cervical  laminaplasty with hydroxy appatite spacer is being performed routinely.



I  attended the International conference The spinal Total Care and the Workshop on Endoscopic spinal surgery in Seoul on March 23, 2003.







Presentation and publications  

              1)      Analysis of prospective study  of twenty five cases of intertrochanteric fraccctures treated with dynamic hip screw stabilization.These 25 patients were followed from the day of fracture to a minimum period of one year. This paper was accepted by the Rajasthan University as a part of my post   Graduate research training and awarded the M.S.Degree

              2).Result of Dynamic Hip Screw stabilization in  twenty five cases of intertrocanteric fractures was presented in the Annual Rajasthan orthopedic Association Conference in 1996 in Jaipur India


            3) Percutaneous Vertebroplasty Casereport--

OASISCON Orthopaedic Association of South Indian

States -Thrissur 2003


4)Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Under Local

Anaesthesia--Case Report -Karnataka Orthopaedic Association

KOACON 2005-Bangalore2005


5) Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Under Local

Anaesthesia--Case Report -Kerala  Orthopaedic Association

KOACON 2005-Calicut 2005


6)Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Under Local

Anaesthesia--Case Report -Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association

TNOACON 2005-Cuddalore 2005


7)Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Under Local

Anaesthesia(PELD)--20 Cases-

OASISCON Orthopaedic Association of South Indian

States -Chennai 2005


8)Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Under Local

Anaesthesia(PELD)-20Cases HILLCON2005  TamilnaduAnaesthesiogist Association conference Yercaud July 2005


Present Study.



1)      Comparison of the long term result of PDN  with the long term result of open laser microdiscectomy.


2)      Absence of supraspinous and interspinous ligament in a patient presented with myelopathy due to extensive multilevel OPLL and OLF.—Submitted for approval for Spine Journal.



 Fluoroscopically assisted percutaneous translaminar facet screw fixation following anterior lumbar interbody fusion: technical report.
Spine. 2005 Apr 1;30(7):838-43.
Shim CS, Lee SH, Jung B, Sivasabaapathi P, Park SH, Shin SW.



1)      Life  Member Tamilnadu orthopaedic association

2)      Life Member Indain medical association

3)      Life Member Salem orthopaedic association

4)      Life Member Karnataka Orthopaedic Association

North American spine society
ISMISS-International Society for Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery


My Interests


                            I   already started   endoscopic  spine surgeries  in Salem India  as nobody is practicing it in India,This Endoscopic Discectomy is done under local anaesthesia and patients were able to get up and walk immediately and discharged from the hospital in 24 hours.The PDN surgeries and the Total disc  replacement  surgeries are my  other field of interests